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Dalea Group as a venture builder supports/turns promising dream and idea into selfsustainable, market-leading business in Indonesia.

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About Us

Dalea Group is a venture builder that aspire to reshape future industries. We build, invest and develop businesses with sustainable programs that not only lets them stand up on their own two feet but also proceed to run successfully.

Why We Are In Venture Building Business:

As a developing lower middle-income country, Indonesia only has about 3% entrepreneurial ratio of the population. There are many underlying and unseen potential, in wait to be discovered and supported. Dalea Group aspired to help to develop ideas and creativity of passionate entrepreneurs in Indonesia on their journey to success. We aim to bring their dreams strive into the world in this near future economic awakening/in this rapidly-growing market.


Dalea Group integrates active value building, encourages different way of thinking, provides invaluable and critical business insights, and exercise effective way of implementation to turning your dreams into a sustainable business. We share the same passion for success, vision, and values as you; that will help drive creative entrepreneurs in Indonesia strive in a rapidly-growing market.

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Company Culture

Family shapes our culture, trust defines our relationships, and principles drive our goals.
We push for breakthroughs yet always prioritize the safety of your business.
Our strength is our team, friends/partners, network, capital and reputation /prestige.
Our goal is to give greater profit and benefit to our investor/shareholder.
We look for/aim for greatness/perfection of professional quality in our works.
We focus/emphasize on creativity/originality and ingenuity/imagination in our ideas.
We always search and put/select the right/the best person for the right /every job.
We put/set great importance on teamwork and harmony across all companies.
We offer opportunity to learn and grow, bigger and faster than the others.
Integrity, honesty and trust are the backbone of our works.
Our leaders are skillful and capable to give their best all situation while we walk ahead.
We make our companies and shareholders interest as our top-priority.
We explore the biggest opportunity available, while also stand sharp, fast, detailed and entrepreneurial/professional as we move.
Our works are strongly motivated and competitive, and we go after any chance to expand it.
We practice business fairness against our competitors and must never speak ill of other companies.